From the depths of the underground, the stages of Europe and this Isle of Albion we present to you the singers, musicians and artists who have participated and contributed their talents to this and previous releases, colouring the landscapes of this musical journey.

Ruben Vine

is an underground alternative musician and artist who currently resides somewhere in East Sussex. He is the main protagonist in this production and the purveyor of words. He appears as the Imaginary Rock Star, sings, plays bass and other instrumentation.

Michael Jayston

is a well renowned actor and lover of cricket who resides in Hove, Sussex. He has enjoyed acclaimed and critical success in theatre, television, films, radio, Dr.Who and as a voiceover artist and narrator since 1962. He continues to perform. In this production he appears as the narrator.

Tim Bennett

is a multi- instrumentalist and builder who resides in Brighton. First receiving acclaim as the bass player with the Brighton band Salad from Atlantis, he has continued to make music and perform since their demise. In this production he plays rhythm and lead guitars.

Gino Corbett

is a guitarist and hairdresser who resides in a seaside town in East Sussex. A talented musician who started out in local bands before working as a session guitarist in London and beyond. In this his third production with Ruben Vine he again plays rhythm and lead guitars.


is a technically gifted guitarist from Elounda, Greece who currently resides in Oslo, Norway smoking fish when not dedicating himself to music. A highly technical guitarist favoring a progressive metal style he plays rhythm and leads guitar on this album. He is also Ruben Vine’s nephew.

Kelvin Message

is a guitarist and luthier who teaches guitar from his legendary East Sussex based shop. A talented working musician who has worked on Peter Greens guitars since his Fleetwood Mac days and Jeff Lynne’s guitars including the first one played by George Harrison when he recorded with Jeff after an 8 year break.

Deacon Brown

is a pianist who resides in the City of Brighton where he moved to from Bangkok in 1984. He began playing piano aged 7 and was a member of the band Amateur Ninja Club from 2001-2011 with Tim Bennett. He currently performs in 5 bands – Pog, Urusus, Anal Beard, Super Janet and Deacon.

Matt Snowden
Matt Snowden

is a professional session drummer and sound engineer from Hove who has engineered for Pete Townsend, Amy Winehouse, Julian Lennon etc. He earns his living from engineering and providing online session drums. Performing for the first time with Ruben Vine and his cohorts.

Becca Wright

is a classically trained Violinist who hails from Lewes in Sussex. She currently plays, performs and tours with B***** W*****. Having performed on all of Ruben Vine’s previous album releases, she returns to this production providing her unique talent and violin playing.

Jon Talman

is a Guitarist Magazine award winner hailing from the county of Surrey who plays guitar, drums and mandolin. He joins Ruben here for the first time to provide his Mandolin playing on two songs. He is currently concentrating on personal musical projects at his home studio.

Pippa Boreham

is a classically trained Singer who originally comes from South London. An Italian speaking mother now residing in East Sussex, a keen painter and up-cycler who rode the wall of death when younger and has been involved with many duos and bands throughout her artistic journey.

Paula Rawson

is a singer and business owner originally from Sheffield, currently residing in East Sussex. She has toured Europe with ‘Company X’ a soul ragga band, appeared on several dance white labels during the 90s, as well as the performing in the bands ‘Yama’  and ‘Ergo’ (Brighton).

Kerry Thornback

is a singer and yoga teacher originally from Crawley in West Sussex now based in East Sussex. Another artist joining Ruben for the first time to provide backing vocals. She has previously performed with a local band and has provided vocals for an electronic and house producer.

Francisco Maldonado

is an illustrator who currently resides in Madrid, Spain. The penciler for the Nemeldren Chronicles, the educational comic Dead Reckon, other publications, and the creator of the popular Spanish character Benito Gafapasta. He works with Oscar Blanco.

Oscar Blanco

is a colourist who resides in Villava, Spain. He has regularly collaborated on other projects with the illustrator Francisco Maldonado including the educational comic Dead Reckon. He is highly influenced by fantasy movies and also works as a colourist and cover artist.

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