Slave Manifesto LP (2012)

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02.Pavement Politics
03.Tick Tock
04.The Finger
05.Chemical Cuddle
07.Karma Killers
08.Faith Machine
10.Love is the Weapon

Download includes 26 page Book PDF and Promo Poster PDF

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Released 01.05.12
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PDF Book and Poster
11 Track Album
Playing time 40 min 14 secs
MP3 320kbs size 97.4 mb

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1 review for Slave Manifesto LP (2012)

  1. Sarah Keary

    “It’s not often you find an artist that has definitive influences and rolls it all up to make their own, but Ruben Vine creates one hell of an album he calls Slave Manifesto. For a second album, Sussex-born Vine has started his career on the right foot.

    It has been quite some time since I have listened to an album produced by an unsigned artist that has the power that some signed artists spend their lifetimes trying to create. Slave Manifesto fits perfectly within the rock scene of today, bringing back what we were waiting for: quality rock.

    The Slave Manifesto LP made me feel nostalgic about a past I never had. From Vine’s Johnny Rotten-esque vocals on the first track Slave, to 90’s Grunge influences on Chemical Cuddles. Throughout the album, there is a clear Punk Rock soul flourishing in tracks such as Tick Tock, Pavement Politics and Pray. Within all this Punk, the songs contain pop melodies, so don’t think you’ll get these songs out of your head too quickly.

    Amongst Vine’s influences of Punk and Grunge, there is clear energy derived from a mixture of Oasis and PJ Harvey; a very ambitious move for a new-comer. With so many diverse influences in one album, you wonder how does Ruben pull it off. Well, he does. Ruben’s passion is bleeding through this album. Although, listening to the album right through I feel it lacks consistency. For me, the album gets weaker. Maybe it is just the imperfect track listings, but after getting very excited by hearing Jimi Hendrix-like guitar riffs in the first track, I unfortunately felt disappointed by the heavily induced pop in the final track, Kamikaze.

    Altogether, I probably enjoyed the most part of the album due to the fact his influences are my inspirations. All in all, the album lacked a certain amount of texture. If the consistency was better, the album would be perfect. Ruben Vine is a very talented artist with a very bright future, and with a little help from the experts, he can produce a game-changing album. You’ve got to admit, for what is good on Slave Manifesto, it’s outstanding”

    MRU 4 Star Rating Sarah Keary

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