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Back again but I feel it’s been far too long (well over two months) and I must admit life has distracted me and taken my mind and time away from music and in turn these blogs. But a window of time and opportunity has arisen so I will take the opportunity to bang away on my keyboard and put together some words that hopefully make sense and carry some form of resonance in the wider world. I have found talking and writing allow me to find perspective and are also very therapeutic in ones attempt to keep the ship steady when all about storms rage and perils await and by doing this calmer more peaceful waters will be found.

So here at last is the latest Tales from the Engine Room

life and death

I am in reflective mood, which is a common and regular place for me to sit from time to time, as it gives you a chance to reassess things and the direction you are taking in life. Mortality is an ever present thing in all our lives, we all live and we all die and in between a lot of us wonder why, then there are the others who just don’t give a shit and remain unaffected by it. But I feel less wondering should be undertaken and instead more embracing and appreciation should occur. It’s not always possible when we get caught up and spun around by the modern world, our day to day lives and commitments, but it is in fact incredibly essential to a good life. Death is something we are all sure of, at times I must admit it plagues me and at others it is the driving force for all I do, I like most humans wish to create something of meaning and something worthwhile from all the chaos and the dark matter that surround and binds all life throughout the universe.In my universe the something of meaning is not measured by money, fame or possessions but by achievement measured on a personal level and by the inner peace and contentment this brings.

I have recently been rather touched by Wilko Johnson. He is someone who as a musician and person I have greatly respected for many years, despite the fact he is a wonderful character. His original band, Dr.Feelgood, influenced so many other musicians and especially those of us who were part of the punk scene. He admits he has struggled all his life with his darker side and depression but on recently hearing he would die of cancer he has found an inner peace and a state of euphoria. No longer does he worry or concern himself with a past he cannot change or a future that does not exist and will he will certainly never see, instead life is amazing and he appreciates all those small things we see and ignore everyday but by their pure simplicity can bring us joy and happiness.

Carpe Diem Rings

We waste so much time on inconsequential things and some people waste their lives by allowing a negative past to taint and undermine any happiness in the present. If the present is sorted, running smoothly and happily, and in turn we un-clutter our minds, then there is a damn good chance the future will be an equally good one or better. As human beings we really do not need that much for true happiness, it comes from the simplest things. The people we love, appreciate and hold dear and who in return gives us those same simple heart and soul cleansing elements – friendship, intimacy – whether it is a cuddle, laughter, a simple kiss or the joy of sex between two people who genuinely love and care for each other without it being tainted by lies or indiscretions, the countryside, the sun rising, a home-cooked meal, the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves etc.


If we forget or deny the simple things that keep us on a path to happiness and instead get weighed down by modern life’s daily grind, the bills, work, and in turn fail to cherish the people close to us and instead live the ‘grass is always greener…’ philosophy we will most likely stumble from one shallow and pointless encounter to another without fully appreciating the people and experiences that gives us that chance to have a more balanced and contented existence. But initially and fundamentally none of this works unless you are at peace with who you are and where you are, and if not content with where you are, at least know where you are heading.

It’s time to remove the bitterness from a past life and move forward with good heart. It’s not an easy journey in a world where we are besieged by such a high level of choice, temptation and endless ways to communicate as it can always seem there is something better on the horizon or round the next corner. Instead that energy should be put into what we already have and into who we are. Remember, where there is love there is life…

Ghandi Quote

And with all this in mind I must now leave you, remind those close to me and the few who are far closer than any others how much I love them and then give myself a firm kick up the arse so I can finish the vocals on my third album and move onto recording the fourth which is virtually all written and currently being rehearsed and fine tuned.

Remember as long as we do the best we can, nothing more can be asked of us…

Check out the links in red, some offer interesting tangents and some are more direct. Until the next time…

with love and faith

Ruben x

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