Time Passes, Life Happened and the New Album…

Greetings. Well I know from just checking when my last blog post that it was 2 years ago! It’s also 4 years since my last album, the planned time period between albums is always 2 years as I have found it’s a realistic time frame when you are doing 90% of the recording, work, production, artwork, promotion etc. But without my musical cohorts providing guitar, drums, violin and backing vocals it would never fully realise my expectations and vision for the songs. I believe in two constant elements in all projects I undertake D.I.Y and artistic collaboration as they have served me well for many years, in fact most of my life and since my introduction to punk and such bands as CRASS.

Allow me to presentTales from the Engine Room

Slave Love CD Cover Template

Well it is here at long last, the accompanying album to Slave Manifesto (2012) entitled Slave Love, because they live together as one creative piece of work. Slave Love, is officially released today, Friday 18.03.16. It was planned to be released 12 months after Slave Manifesto but you can never truly plan for life and what it tests you with and throws in your direction. There is one early review in already…

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.46.58

So what occurred? Basically 18 months of near constant pain if I sat, stood or did anything for more than a few minutes. This left me unable to mix or to enjoy the simplicities and beauty of life we can all take for granted. As much as I believe in the National Health Service on this occasion despite seeing three consultants and having endless tests no answers or solutions were forthcoming. They said it was CPPS (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome), a trapped nerve, a blood clot but all seemed like guesses to me. My gut feeling said different. So being the proactive person I am, I sort answers, solutions and remedies from alternative sources. In the end a passing comment from one doctor stuck out in my mind, as all other possibilities had been explored with no benefit, and that was that he thought there maybe a lymphatic blockage in my pelvic region. I researched this and discovered rebounding after reading articles about alternative methods used dealing with cancer and how NASA have used it since the seventies in helping astronauts recover fitness, bone and muscle density after extended periods in Space.

Tales 10 Astronaut

I purchased my first rebounder with springs to see if it had any benefit, and slowly and surely it did, so this was replaced by a more high end rebounder with bungees instead of springs. This was even better and a light and day experience as the bungees cushioned the impact, further protected my joints and cut down on noise as I live in a flat, and I’m sure my neighbours wondered what the rhythmic impact noises were. Rebounding boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function, helps improve digestion, more than twice as effective as running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees, circulates oxygen throughout the body to increase energy, improves muscle tone throughout the body, improves balance by stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear and to top it all, its fun! This slowly but surely got me back on track, I started recording a fourth album and returned the the third album (Slave LoveTales 10 Rebounding

So life continues onwards, well until our race is run and we leave this reality. I do hope you enjoy Slave Love it is considered by my close and critical friends to be the best thing I have done production wise in capturing the sound and style I strive for in all it’s intended glory. This rise in standards of production will aid me on my next very exciting project which is virtually complete musically and just requiring my lead vocals and female/male backing vocals which I’m about to start the recording sessions for. If you put my sound together with influences like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Star Wars, a famous and renowned British actor, two Spanish artists and my musical cohorts, you have an album I have already been told will be crowning glory. A bold claim I know, but its not mine, and this will be something that’s never emerged from an underground artist before.

Tales 10 WOTW

Remember as long as we do the best we can, nothing more can be asked of us…

Check out the links in red and the banners as the live ones offer interesting tangents. Until the next time…

with love and faith

Ruben x

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