The track Doomed from the latest album Slave Manifesto is the lead track on Sound and Motion Magazine’s Mixtape #5 Side A available here.

What they had to say:

“Up-and-coming independent musician Ruben Vine is a fine example of a result of the DIY subculture of which he has been a part of for many years. Also proudly claiming the titles of a wordsmith and songwriter, Ruben specialises in the alternative rock and urban folk genres. He is influenced by the likes of huge names such as PJ Harvey, The Kills and Tom Waits and is currently signed to A.O.F (Articles of Faith).

Doomed, Ruben’s most recent single, is a wonderful demonstration of alternative rock. Beginning with explosive, dirty riffs, he takes no time before rushing into portraying his powerful message through the carefully-crafted lyrics performed by his exciting and unique vocals. With a successfully-repetitive chorus, enhanced by the addition of female vocals in the background, and a reinforcement of the heavy lead guitar, Doomed is a catchy, upbeat track that is sure to catch the attention of the British music industry. GW”

Other artists featured on Mixtape #5 are:

We are the West

No Remorse No Surrender

Death Makes Pretty

Bastard Eye Scream

Sweet Jonny

Blind Drivers

Canyon Family

The Recovery

Reaper in Sicily

This mixtape offers up a very eclectic mix of music and styles of unsigned bands

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