Lost in a Sea of Pluggers…

So as musicians and artists, how do you get noticed when lost in a sea of pluggers and other musicians trying to get their sound noticed and recognised as something credible. On top of all of that, this sea we need to conquer is full of a lot of shit which can sterilise the ears of the people who may just get what your about creatively, if only they knew you existed. Or is what we have to offer another piece of shit in an ever growing cesspool?

Computers and the internet are both the devil and our saviour especially if you have lived a life embracing D.I.Y and libertarian values and employing D.I.Y lessons and techniques. As a creative individual who has lived on the very edges of contemporary society, the ability to create, record, communicate, source supplies, services and co-conspirators to help and contribute with your projects from your own home with no need for travel is phenomenal. It’s unfortunate that same portal to the world that gives you this freedom and world wide access is also the same portal that monitors and knows your (nearly) every move and desire to the point they can actually form a clear character profile.

I have created every element that is Ruben Vine. I have a very much appreciated the network of friends and individuals who provide the glue to bind it all together, but every song you hear, image or graphic you see has been created by me, it is me. I do need a drummer, guitarist, backing singers, violinist, website designer, printers, mastering engineer, press plant agent, etc etc. but I’m the songwriter, composer, musician, artist, graphic designer, screen-printer, engineer. However, these things can only be realised in a small environment and on a limited income because I have computers and the internet. These resources are freely available to all of us but without the talent and more importantly the contacts you face a hard struggle. The important thing is to create something real and true to yourself, that is not manufactured to appeal to bigger audience but born from something genuine. That way you keep your dignity and self respect even if you are only an imaginary rock star.


I have only physically met Sam Funnell once and since that first meeting he has successfully played drums on my first two albums and we have communicated via emails and the phones and exchanged files via large file transfer agents. A few of the backing singers on my releases I knew personally but the majority came to me via adverts on the internet or musicjobs.com, and like most people that get involved in my projects, they were interested because they liked what they heard and the vibe attached. I paid travel expenses, fed them if they so desired, feature them on the performers page, register all performers with PPL when I register my releases and always give them a copy of the release their on. On the new album everyone who contributed received a copy of the Slave Manifesto Limited Edition Photo and Lyric Book.

But you can have the best most innovative sound and idea but if no one can notice you or hear you it’s going to be hard. My catch 22 is I need to play live but because I have created and realised my idea, to get other people on board who have not been part of the creative process and the songs development, is bloody hard. You need to be part of an active and vibrant scene, so if you live rurally or away from such centres your only chance of playing live is paying session musicians or having the backing of a record label. Hence catch 22. To play live would be a joy, but I’m not a solo performer so for the time being I’m a virtual musician seeking solid form.

John Peel is a massive lost, Radio 6 try to plug the gap but I think they are failing as there is no one like John willing to just listen to the high volume of material they get sent or come across, that’s all we want because that is the catalyst, listening. I have tried endless ways to get my music heard or just some airtime on Radio 6 etc , I have had a little success but we are lost in a sea of pluggers with Djs that won’t take the chances or simply don’t have the time. John took those chances, lent us his ears and gave some of his time, but there are too many DJ’s on cruise control instead of those dedicated passionate one’s on a musical crusade.

So DJ’s, reviewers, A & R people, magazines, fanzine writers, fellow bloggers, musicians and other germs of divinity forever lost in infinity, lend me your ears and give me your time…

Digital albums and promo packs available on request.

with love and faith

Ruben x

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