Since the birth of Ruben Vine, the Imaginary Rock Star, in the the Sussex countryside on the Isle of Albion in the year of the Situationist uprisings and the first manned Apollo missions, my life has taken many varied twists and turns through lighter and darker times, like most individuals who embrace this wonderful life. The evenings I and my generation spent huddled under their duvets listening to John Peel play his eclectic taste in music provided me with an ally who mirrored his very similar musical tendencies. Captivated by vinyl albums and especially those with a message, drama and emotion encapsulated within them, I feasted on a range of music from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds to Adam and the Ants ‘ Kings of the Wild Frontier’ and Crass, to name just a few.

Films such as Star Wars, Zulu, Cool Hand Luke, King Creole and 2001: A Space Oddity among many others fed my imagination as did books such as Walter Tevis’s ‘The Man That Fell to Earth’, William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’, Graham Greene short stories and a copy of the Old Testament with its fire and brimstone which fed his mind with an orgy of written imagery. I could not get enough of these artistic and cultural gems. On discovering the Caedmon spoken word audio series on vinyl with such treasures as Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ read by Anthony Quayle, Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’ read by Charlton Heston, etc later in my life it is no wonder accompanied by my childhood and counter culture background that I would produce an album such as ‘The Life and Times of an Imaginary Rock Star’.

It can be dark down there in the depths of your mind especially during difficult and emotional times that occur in life. So I have used my passion for art and a love of music to exorcise and calm the demons, for we all need a direction and outlet to give us purpose and meaning in life. This process and the events that are part of my life form the foundations of my creative abilities and the fuel for my songs and words. I’m a social hermit who has lived outside of, or on the outer edges of mainstream society, who when not exploring the many corners of this land and beyond, or mixing with friends, comrades and brethren, uses all my spare time to build the foundations and learn the skills required to produce the body of artistic work you see before you. For we all need a purpose and what is better than creating your own, with your own goals and rules.

As a singer songwriter and man of words, along with a very talented group of artistic cohorts, I am proud to present this ground breaking album from the underground. Release on Record Store Day 2017 and available initially as a 500 limited edition double-vinyl albums and 500 limited edition CD’s both accompanied by a 28 page comic illustrated and coloured by two very talented and up and coming Spanish artists. This album is a musical and visual journey, a self parody injected with dark humor and an underlying message which unfolds as during a journey through consumer ghettos, desserts and beyond before reaching its conclusion in this imaginary realm.

Everything is constructed and created with the listener in mind. Each song tells it’s own story and has it’s own life within a larger and more expansive story. The story flows and cavorts along with the aid of our prestigious narrator who acts as your guide during this most imaginary journey which contains the ghosts of long departed moral truths within its musical landscape.

So before this day has done and light has evaporated from our lives please consider purchasing this album. Then while sitting alone or when gathered around with friends and loved ones, on a lazy afternoon, or when the evening is dark and the day is spent to experience and listen to what this Imaginary Rock Star has created. From the realms of my imagination, the influences of my childhood and from what I have witnessed in the world around me during my path through life, I present something that I hopes will stimulate your ears and mind.

If you only get a small amount of joy as I did as a child and a man discovering the music, films and stories that brought warmth and joy to my life, I will consider this a success. Let your journey begin…

© 2017 Ruben Vine

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