Sound and Motion Compilation

The track Doomed from the latest album Slave Manifesto is the lead track on Sound and Motion Magazine’s Mixtape #5 Side A available here.

What they had to say:

“Up-and-coming independent musician Ruben Vine is a fine example of a result of the DIY subculture of which he has been a part of for many years. Also proudly claiming the titles of a wordsmith and songwriter, Ruben specialises in the alternative rock and urban folk genres. He is influenced by the likes of huge names such as PJ Harvey, The Kills and Tom Waits and is currently signed to A.O.F (Articles of Faith).

Doomed, Ruben’s most recent single, is a wonderful demonstration of alternative rock. Beginning with explosive, dirty riffs, he takes no time before rushing into portraying his powerful message through the carefully-crafted lyrics performed by his exciting and unique vocals. With a successfully-repetitive chorus, enhanced by the addition of female vocals in the background, and a reinforcement of the heavy lead guitar, Doomed is a catchy, upbeat track that is sure to catch the attention of the British music industry. GW”

Other artists featured on Mixtape #5 are:

We are the West

No Remorse No Surrender

Death Makes Pretty

Bastard Eye Scream

Sweet Jonny

Blind Drivers

Canyon Family

The Recovery

Reaper in Sicily

This mixtape offers up a very eclectic mix of music and styles of unsigned bands

Tales from the Engine Room No.9

Tales from the Engine Room No.9

Full Speed Ahead Seeking Calm Waters….

Who would have thought when my webmaster general suggested I start these blogs to offer a personal insight into myself and thoughts that I would have written this many, certainly not me. There was a personal fear of repetition and so far I believe I have avoided that pitfall even though I have touched on similar subject matters from different perspectives. If you think I need to freshen up my approach or have a suggestion feel free to throw a helpful spanner into the depths of the engine room works…

light and dark

At my best I’m amazing at my worst I’m a bloody nightmare. I have such belief in myself and what I do without being up my own arse when I’m in a good place, although I’m sure some people misinterpret that belief for arrogance. But when in that mindset I know I’m calm, chilled, rational, assured, bouncy and an entertaining joy to be with. That all falls apart when stress and uncertainty enter my world, I become manic, anxious and irrational and the funny thing is I can see myself doing it but I just can’t help myself or put the breaks on. In these more negative times many people steer clear, avoid me or cut me loose, and to be honest in a way I don’t blame them because I tire myself out and don’t really like me either. To the point sometimes I would like to flick the off switch and have rest from myself. But what I need from those closest to me is reassurance and some heartfelt reminding of whats good about me and in my life however annoying I can be. The people, the believers, the ones who see and cherish me are few and far between. As some have said to me “your a lovely bunch of blokes”.

Flotsam and jetsum

I divulge this insight because at times we can all be a pain in the arse or a bloody nightmare and depending on the extent of it we can all be challenging, difficult to approach or reason with. It’s at these times we favour the brave, those who know us and believe in us, who see the real us beneath the debris we, and life burden us with. For if when we loose sight of ourselves and all around us loose us too then we may end up on the rocks to be another mess of flotsam and jetsam. If we are with the wrong people,with the wrong energy, who have no real thought, compassion or care for us we can find ourselves being steered onto the rocks with no ability to control our path and possible oblivion. But like moths to the flame we weave our captivated dance to destruction or if we are lucky we survive burnt and frayed to dance the dance again.

dark and light

So when your friends are low be there for them and when your are low hope in this selfish, destructive, human mess of a world there is someone there who believes in you as much as you believe in them. For however many people we have around us and however busy life can be we are all ultimately lonely souls who will die alone, but hopefully with someone holding your hand, stoking your head and easing you on your way with love and compassion. This never being alone and always busy, for some, serve as distractions from themselves and the truths they will not reveal or admit even to themselves. But to live this way is to deny who you are, and if you are not willing to know yourself how can you ever truly know another or they know you. Although we may share our lives with people, open ourselves up to them and bare our heart, souls and very beings we do take this journey to some degree alone.

One thing is fundamentally clear if you shut yourself off from people emotionally you will ultimately be totally alone, for to live your life without real connection, is to live a life of real solitude and misery. Reach out…

Check out the links in red – some offer interesting tangents and some are more direct.

Until the next time…

with love and faith

Ruben x

Tales from the Engine Room No.8

Tales from the Engine Room No.8

Cherish What is Important….

Back again but I feel it’s been far too long (well over two months) and I must admit life has distracted me and taken my mind and time away from music and in turn these blogs. But a window of time and opportunity has arisen so I will take the opportunity to bang away on my keyboard and put together some words that hopefully make sense and carry some form of resonance in the wider world. I have found talking and writing allow me to find perspective and are also very therapeutic in ones attempt to keep the ship steady when all about storms rage and perils await and by doing this calmer more peaceful waters will be found.

So here at last is the latest Tales from the Engine Room

life and death

I am in reflective mood, which is a common and regular place for me to sit from time to time, as it gives you a chance to reassess things and the direction you are taking in life. Mortality is an ever present thing in all our lives, we all live and we all die and in between a lot of us wonder why, then there are the others who just don’t give a shit and remain unaffected by it. But I feel less wondering should be undertaken and instead more embracing and appreciation should occur. It’s not always possible when we get caught up and spun around by the modern world, our day to day lives and commitments, but it is in fact incredibly essential to a good life. Death is something we are all sure of, at times I must admit it plagues me and at others it is the driving force for all I do, I like most humans wish to create something of meaning and something worthwhile from all the chaos and the dark matter that surround and binds all life throughout the universe.In my universe the something of meaning is not measured by money, fame or possessions but by achievement measured on a personal level and by the inner peace and contentment this brings.

I have recently been rather touched by Wilko Johnson. He is someone who as a musician and person I have greatly respected for many years, despite the fact he is a wonderful character. His original band, Dr.Feelgood, influenced so many other musicians and especially those of us who were part of the punk scene. He admits he has struggled all his life with his darker side and depression but on recently hearing he would die of cancer he has found an inner peace and a state of euphoria. No longer does he worry or concern himself with a past he cannot change or a future that does not exist and will he will certainly never see, instead life is amazing and he appreciates all those small things we see and ignore everyday but by their pure simplicity can bring us joy and happiness.

Carpe Diem Rings

We waste so much time on inconsequential things and some people waste their lives by allowing a negative past to taint and undermine any happiness in the present. If the present is sorted, running smoothly and happily, and in turn we un-clutter our minds, then there is a damn good chance the future will be an equally good one or better. As human beings we really do not need that much for true happiness, it comes from the simplest things. The people we love, appreciate and hold dear and who in return gives us those same simple heart and soul cleansing elements – friendship, intimacy – whether it is a cuddle, laughter, a simple kiss or the joy of sex between two people who genuinely love and care for each other without it being tainted by lies or indiscretions, the countryside, the sun rising, a home-cooked meal, the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves etc.


If we forget or deny the simple things that keep us on a path to happiness and instead get weighed down by modern life’s daily grind, the bills, work, and in turn fail to cherish the people close to us and instead live the ‘grass is always greener…’ philosophy we will most likely stumble from one shallow and pointless encounter to another without fully appreciating the people and experiences that gives us that chance to have a more balanced and contented existence. But initially and fundamentally none of this works unless you are at peace with who you are and where you are, and if not content with where you are, at least know where you are heading.

It’s time to remove the bitterness from a past life and move forward with good heart. It’s not an easy journey in a world where we are besieged by such a high level of choice, temptation and endless ways to communicate as it can always seem there is something better on the horizon or round the next corner. Instead that energy should be put into what we already have and into who we are. Remember, where there is love there is life…

Ghandi Quote

And with all this in mind I must now leave you, remind those close to me and the few who are far closer than any others how much I love them and then give myself a firm kick up the arse so I can finish the vocals on my third album and move onto recording the fourth which is virtually all written and currently being rehearsed and fine tuned.

Remember as long as we do the best we can, nothing more can be asked of us…

Check out the links in red, some offer interesting tangents and some are more direct. Until the next time…

with love and faith

Ruben x

Tales from the Engine Room No.7

Tales from the Engine Room No.7

Is Love a Tainted Dream….

I think this is by far longest break I have had from these Tales from the Engine Room blogs. This life thing, even at the most basic and simple level drags you along and consumes time. It’s now time to consume some of that time with words…

Is this thing we call love merely a dream or is it an illusion never to be grasped physically but only existing in the realms of the mind? As I have touched on before in a previous blog, I have come across people in life who fall in ‘love’ with every partner they have a relationship with, regardless of the length of time or the truth of the matter. I just do not understand this, or view it as even being remotely possible, but more likely it is unlikely love really exists but is instead is just desperately desired.

There are so many lonely people in life who seek their love, their soul-mate, that most of the time a mass of compromises and the desire not to be alone fuels a relationship that is bereft of real love. My life experience has led me to believe it is a very rare entity. There has however on several occasions been the belief it may exist, usually during those early heady days. Early on you can believe that the seed of love may exist but these early thoughts are generally always quelled quite quickly by reality and the dulling of that initial lust and desire. Once the lust and desire is out of your system and there is nothing more there in terms of depth, a bond, friendship and that special something that binds your souls together, its time to wise up and move on.

I think desire and infatuation can cloud reality, create the illusion of love and some use the idea of love to get what they want from another through deception. It is just so hard to find another who loves you as much as you love them, equally, it is as we know most of the time a bloody minefield. That minefield will test you throughout your life together by throwing in the odd spanner or test for your resolve to love one another. Whether that be just the day to day grind of life or others with lustful desires, these mines are many in number and therefore I hope your love is bulletproof, well armoured and more importantly true.

In reality time and experience are the true levelers. I have only tasted real love a couple of times in my life but when it all falls apart you are left questioning whether it was or was not love and even if it was why you could both let it implode and neither of you had the fight or belief to save it. My belief is that real love will survive and outlast everything life throws at you, the personal changes you both go through, health issues and even on occasions infidelity.

In my book, and I believe in most other peoples, infidelity is generally always the deal breaker, relationships are built on trust and belief in each other and as soon as you enter the realms of deception or fail to communicate openly with your partner it’s a hard and jaded road to recovery. That’s if recovery is possible or desired. I must say when it comes to infidelity I have either been lucky, as have not really experienced it or maybe it was that I was just well deceived and was instead blissfully blind to it. I hope and feel that has not been the case.

I feel there should be a natural balance between lovers and within their relationship. If you are continually giving, are selfless and considerate of your partner but get none of this in return I feel doubt and questions may and should surface. But there again balance is not always a mirrored thing and each partner may offer the other a set of completely different attributes that benefit their relationship.

When life has trampled on you, when your spirits are low and your health is ailing who is their to give you the comfort, love and support that’s needed to see you through? Who is your rock and confidant? Who always sees the best in you, tries to understand and more importantly believe in you? The answer should always be your lover and soul-mate, although I also realise close friends can also offer a similar support structure although with a different form of love without the same closeness and bond.

I think I will leave it there for this installment. Points have been made, questions put forward and hopefully positive and beneficial thoughts and debate created. But at the end of the day only you truly know if your in love and if you have found your life partner and soul-mate. If you have, I wish you well in your journey through life together. If you have not, remember when you seek it you will most likely not find it, it will find you, maybe even sneak up on you when you or it are ready, until then enjoy the journey and experiences life offers you.

Check out the links in red, some offer interesting tangents and some are more direct.

Until the next time…

with love and faith

Ruben x

Tales from the Engine Room No.6

Tales from the Engine Room No.6

The Human Points System….

It’s been a wee while but life caught hold of me, pushed me, dragged me and spun me around while I was travelling along the path I am currently on. I’m not sure if there is enough of you reading this to give a damn but I have heard murmurings plus enquiries to where the next Tales from the Engine Room is. Well, it’s here…

I must say it has been a bitch of period since I last entered the Engine Room and in fact it’s been that much of a bitch I have only managed to squeeze in couple of days vocal recordings since my last blog post. Someone very special in my life has been struggling with their health so I took on the mantle of ‘house husband’ to help out with housework and kids, this of course has been my priority. Add to that a visit from the ‘dark lord’ which saw me lost in my dark depressive hole holding out for hope, light and escape from that unwelcome place (until the next time). Also further adding to everything I have been in town/babylon far more than I’m used to, with all the nonsense, pointless drama and wildlife you would expect, I’ll take a sigh of relief when me and the ones I love head back to the outer reaches of civilisation in the very near future.

Somewhere amongst all of that I should have been on the Steve Lamacq Show but after Rich Legate on behalf of Steve Lamacq exchanged emails and arranged a date and time for my appearance they failed to call me and have ignored all my emails since. So safe to say my name maybe blackened to the point it and me have been blacklisted from appearances on Radio 6. Maybe in retrospect I should not have announced my intentions to give away albums during my appearance prior to the show but I am one of the unsigned underground artist Radio 6 say they support but they are obviously not this one…

So after that rather expansive introduction and bringing you up to date on my happening let’s muse on some more thoughts from the Engine Room…

The concept of money has always troubled me, then add to it modern consumerism and some may see that as heaven but I see it more as form of hell, all those temptations and the endless pointless shite that we don’t really need. Don’t get me wrong I do dip my toe in it’s waters but I tend to use it for my purposes instead of being consumed by it. Although I must say when in manic part of my bipolar cycle I have to be ever so careful not to get caught up in a pointless spending sprees powered by my excessive energy and restless mind, that has me buying for sake of buying, and me and those close try to manage this. An old friend once commented on two of my personality contradictions, me as a person and my beliefs mirrored by me using and liking some useful and beneficial electronic goods and gadgets, they labelled me a ‘Techno Anarchist’. I don’t go in for labels but it was somewhat accurate and made me laugh.

I’d rather barter or swap and if this is not possible then I engage with the expanse of the internet to find the bargains of bargains. But these ancient past times of trading without cash are dying out in the western world and instead we are slaves to cash, plastic and product desire.

The reason I think I am touching on the subject of consumerism is because I have been temporarily been dwelling right next to a town and shopping centre and I struggle with such places especially when low or depressed. It overwhelms my senses, I struggle to relate to it or the mass of people that embrace it and I would rather be in my self made bubble or somewhere remote with trees and fields. Maybe because of the way I’m wired that it overloads my senses, I feel claustrophobic and my social tourettes is at it’s very worse, plus lets be honest, the more people there are in one place, the more nonsense and negative energy exists. I find the human race amazing and beautiful but at the same time self destructive and disgusting. Just look around amongst all this beauty and wonder the natural world offer and you will find the human race killing, destroying, lying, over-populating and living far beyond our means…

So let’s do away with money and have a human points system. It does not need much explanation because quite simply the more compassionate, loving and community thinking human being you are the more points you get and therefore the more you can ‘buy’ or ‘invest’ in and the better quality of life you will have for making yours and others lives better. It would turn the human world on it’s head because as we know the biggest liars and most despicable human beings can be found at the top of our current worlds pecking order, or crawling, fighting and destroying in an attempt to reach this hallowed destination. It would not be that hard to employ, we already have a points system if you are sick, disabled, a migrant, etc. And if you really wanted to embrace all the crass elements of the modern world then why not have a game show version instead of the national lottery. Maybe they could have a chute into which they eject all the murdering, lying, violent, greedy, polluting, sadistic and generally low-life individuals that ruin what could be a peaceful and lush world. I also think if you mindlessly breed without considering living sustainably or the quality of life your children will have in an increasingly over-populated world with dwindling resources then you also loose points. One more suggestion would be these self styled celebrities that pollute the minds of people by having them think that looking good and being a self obsessed egotise is more important than good humble values with true creative and artistic talent. There are endless possibilities for this seed of an idea…

Check out the links in red, some offer interesting tangents and some are more direct. Until the next time…

with love and faith

Ruben x

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